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Portland Outpouring -A Tent Revival

After many months in 2008 with great results, the Portland Outpouring is scheduled to continue in 2009. "The Portland Outpouring is a regional revival with the church coming together, ignited by the fire of the Holy Spirit. A fresh wave of the Holy Spirit is breaking upon America and we want to welcome what God is pouring out to our city."

To learn more about the Portland Outpouring visit www.portlandourpouring.com.

Christian eSource preparing for Launch  

Christian eSource continues to make progress and all 340,000 churches have been loaded into the database. Each day verification and updating is done to the database to make each and every church available on line. Check it out at www.christianesource.com or at www.e-source.org to look at the progress. The database is already being used to fuel several ministry efforts and this is very exciting. The database was truly a vision from the Lord in December 2005 and was developed with the faith the God would use it to benefit His kingdom. Now we are regularly getting requests of offers to use the database in ministry growth efforts across the nation!


This past weekend in November, 2006 was a historical event which Bob and Heidi Morter were able to attend in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Inspiration Networks has been active in Television ministry for the past 15 years. Bob has had a vision to work with the Media to bring the world back to Jesus Christ, and was so excited to be a partner with the Inspiration Networks in this calling.

    With their four television stations and streaming video on their web site, it is estimated that the Inspiration Networks is broadcasting to over 1 billion people. They have a dream of covering the entire earth with a signal from their brand new studios that will be opening in South Carolina. What a blessing their ministry is to the World, and it is so exciting to be a part of this effort. I ask you to join me in supporting the Inspiration Networks and have a glimpse of the ground breaking event that occurred last Sunday.

A Life Changing Trip to India

It was a life changing event when Gospel Lane Ministries founder Bob Morter was blessed with the opportunity to visit the country of India in October. It is amazing how God is working all over the nations to help bring hope, prosperity, love and happiness to all that receive him. I have been so narrow minded in the past with how big our God is, this trip brought a new awareness of how many are still in need of hearing the Gospel. There is over 3 billion people who have never even heard of our Jesus, in the United States it is estimated that we hear the message of the gospel over 200 times every year - yet in much of the World they have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ.

    I am continuing to learn even more about this part of the World and have been blessed by knowing and understanding more about the great efforts of Gospel for Asia. Founder K.P. Yohannan has authored over 200 books, many which teach about the country of India and other nations in the 10/40 region. I was blessed with the opportunity to meet K.P. and hear personally about his heart for spreading the Good News of Jesus throughout the World. I would encourage you to learn more about the ministry efforts of Gospel for Asia by linking to their website. They are a very efficient and effective ministry, which is my main reason for wanting to be involved with their ministry.



Newberg Attends Flow in Record Numbers

Flow, a worship event, was attended in record numbers Friday, March 3rd. Over 25 Newberg worship leaders and artists took the stage in a free community event to bring churches together regardless of denomination. In an effort by local churches the successful evening cross boundaries and got all attendees focused on the Lord for an evening of worshiping the greatness of His majesty. Flow was sponsored by GodSong Church.

Church Consulting Training Complete

Feb 1, 2006. The Church Consulting training program has been completed this week by Bob Morter. There are very few programs in the United States that offer a comprehensive Church Consulting training program, and the best is offered by Church Central. Bob went though one week of extensive training so he could enhance the services offered to each Church that he works with. "It was a very intense week of training", say Bob.

Now that this training has happened one of the exciting products that will be offered to Churches is the Church Health Survey. This is a great way to take the temperature of your Church to find out what areas you can be even more effective in. The Survey delivers a 40 page report on how your Church body scores your church in the areas of worship, evangelism, education, ministry, fellowship, and prayer. If you are interested in learning more about the Church Health survey for your church or other consultation e-mail Bob at bob@gospellaneministries.com.

Christian Gospel Assemblies Purpose Driven Event

Jan 22, 2006. Christian Gospel Assemblies is viewing the Purpose Drive Church series to better define the purpose of the Church. For many years the church has been working towards leading people to Christ and maturing the congregation, but it is looking at better defining this vision. Bob Morter is working with the Church to take them through the Purpose Driven Church DVD program.

Christian eSource web domains are secured!

In late December 2005, two new web domains were secured by Gospel Lane Ministries. www.christianesource.com and www.e-source.org. These will both be the domains of a new non-profit vision of Gospel Lane Ministries to provide a directory of Christian Churches, Artists, Schools, Day Care, Businesses and more. Investment is now being made into a database driven web site that will capture the details of the Christian industry and make it available for all at no charge. A Non-Profit 501c3 will be set up for those wishing to donate, the site will not solicit or accept advertising revenue. "It seems like all the sites have an agenda beyond building the Kingdom. I am in favor of this, I am just wanting to create a data base of ministries for the ministries I am working with. I am going to be able to use it in the Church Consulting and Music Ministry that I work with and I hope that all of the World will be able to use it to build their ministry efforts" says Bob Morter.

Gospel Lane Ministries New Vision

In November of 2005 you will begin to see the new vision for the Gospel Lane Ministries website. After one year of study, research and prayer the vision of what area of ministry I should pursue, I feel convicted from this time to work in helping Independent Evangelical Christian Churches with the administrative and operational tasks that take Pastors away from their primary gifting of Ministry. After over 25 years in the business of distribution with www.ntpdistribution.com, Bob Morter is going to use those skills to help in a Consulting capacity with churches. Although at the time of this early announcement all of the details are yet to be discovered, this new vision is under development and early indications are that Churches all over the nation can use assistance in the details of the day to day duties that are pulling Pastors from their primary calling.

CD Release Event Announced

November 21st, 2005 there will be a CD Release Event at Christian Gospel Assemblies to introduce the new CD from Bob Morter. The music has been a gift from God, and there is a big excitement in sharing this with all those who can attend. The doors open at 6:30pm and the music will start at 7:00pm. Christian Gospel Assemblies is located at 14000 NE Hwy 240, Newberg, OR 97132.

Family Vacation in Hawaii

The family took a break from their daily routine in Newberg, to go to Hawaii on vacation. It was nice to get this in before school started.

Beacock Music Fund Raiser

Bob played August 21, 2005 at Beacock Music, in Vancouver for a fundraiser event. Bob was on stage with other Christian performers from the area to help raise money for a fundraising event. Bob played at 1pm. More event information can be obtained from Beacock Music at 360.694.7134. Glad to see you there, Beacock Music is located at 1420 SE 163rd Avenue, Vancouver, Washington.


Clark County Fair Performance




Bob Morter performed at the Clark County Fair two times last week and was able to spread the word to the crowd. Even though the attendees at the fair were not expecting to go to Church last Sunday when they visited the Clark County Fairgrounds, Bob shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ through his music.

Advanced copies of the CD were sold during the performance and many were given away to those who were not prepared for the purchase. It was anticipated that the CD's would be back from the production company prior to this performance, and in the absence of the production CD's, quick copies were made that could be used to share the music with those who stopped by the Plaza Stage.                                     



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