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The CD is finally done!! Released in mid-October and selling fast, be sure to order your copy below.


Track Listing:

1. Because I know                    8. Heaven

2. Indescribable                       9. Praise

3. I Can't Explain                    10. Good Look at Yourself

4. Lonely City                        11. Reward Me

5. Sitting on the Fence             12. Trapped

6. Simple Town                       13. I'm Restored

7. Not Tired of your Love


"Finding the Love of Jesus after years of wandering, gave me many songs to share with you.

The Lord is so good to me, and through my music, he has restored my life to where he wanted it to be.

Each of the songs in this album were inspired along my never ending journey to get one step closer to

my creator. I hope you will consider adding this to your collection of Christian music, and will listen to

it loud and often."


Bob Morter - I Can't Explain Only 12.97 Ea.
If your ready to buy, just click here!
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Orange The Band CD

From the old Rock and Roll days, many are still interesting in listening to the band that brought Bob through his youth. Orange the Band is still playing local events with new members since when Bob was part of the band. If you would like to purchase a copy of the CD they are still in production.


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